Tickets are on sale for THE TAMING!

Tickets are on sale for the first production of our 2016-17 season, THE TAMING by Lauren Gunderson. CLICK HERE!

An aide to a Republican senator, a liberal blogger, and a beauty queen walk into a bar…The Catamounts are thrilled to open the Dairy’s newly renovated Carsen Theater with the regional premiere of The Taming by Lauren Gundersen. A hilarious, zeitgeist-y, equal opportunity-offending look at our Red State/Blue State divide,The Taming is your antidote to this bonkers election season!

Admission to Saturday evening performances include a pre-show cocktail and post-show community meal and special release beer from Wild Woods Brewery, all inspired by the themes of the show.

Our Sunday, October 2 matinee includes a pre-show cocktail.

Our Monday, October 3 Industry Night includes a pre-show beer from Wild Woods Brewery.

Tickets to all shows are being sold with an early bird discount through September 11th.

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