It’s Colorado Gives Day!

Today is Colorado Gives Day, our biggest fundraising day of the year!


We ask for your donation. Here’s why:

The Catamounts believe in the sovereignty of the human imagination and the adventurous places it can take us. We’re here because of the capacity of courageous theatrical journeys to connect us more deeply to one another.

For the past five seasons, we have advocated for the intrepid by producing boundary-pushing plays, student-centered arts education programs, and singular, collaborative community events.

And we’re not going to stop doing that, ever.

But this year, in the face of so much divisiveness–The Catamounts are stepping up to a bold new commitment to equity, diversity, and equality in the work we produce and the people with whom we produce it.

We are–publicly, and officially this season–committing to:

  • Producing one full-length play a season by a female, LGBTQ, or non-white playwright;
  • Featuring diverse performers in our work; and
  • Ensuring that racially, economically, and culturally diverse students participate in our education programs.

Make a tax-deductible donation to The Cats on this Colorado Gives Day and allow us to ensure the students whom we serve, the artists whom we feature, and the audience whom we seek will more closely reflect the beautifully diverse country in which we are so lucky to live.

And, when you make it today, it is increased by the Colorado Gives Incentive Fund!

In challenging times, art can be a powerful practice, a way of imagining who we want to be. Join us as we reflect a more audacious version of now. Click HERE!

With gratitude,

The Catamounts

THANK YOU to all these amazing humans who have donated today!

Michael, Kathleen and Lian Alt
Armstrong Family
Heather Beasley
Amanda and Ben Berg Wilson
Pete S. Bochek
The Boston Family
Cindy Brandle
Ami Dayan
Len Matheo & Lisa DeCaro
Kristin Dennis
Prudence Dings
Barbara Duff & Andrew Flack
Deb Dusansky
Felice and Robert Fenwick-Smith
Fournier Family
Matt Fraser
Amy Freeth-Rice
Felicia Furman
Amanda & Jason Giguere
Bob Goldrick & Kathy Shaffer
The Gottliebs
Gyetvay Family
Emily K. Harrison
The Hirschland Family
Burt Hong
Garry and Carol Horle
McPherson Horle
Sonia and Ian Justl Ellis
Jennifer Keyes
Mary Lahr and Nathan Murra
Pat and Wills Long
susan lyles & Darren Smith
Mickle Maher
Billie McBride
Susan Nedell
The O’Boyles
The Perrin Family
MC Pfieffer
Erin Rollman
Anne Sandoe
Samantha Schmitz
Lauren Shepard
Jamie Solveson
Vangelis Family
Joe Von Bokern
Stephanie Waddell & Greg O’Neal
Gina Walker
Quentin and Nancy Wilson
Daniel Ziskin

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