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FEED: Darkness will examine, in four courses, why we need darkness in order to see the light.

Each course is a drink, a dish, and a short performance piece, and live music weaves the whole night together.


This event will be hosted by the delightful Still Cellars, a distillery and arthouse., where The Catamounts will pair performance with their brilliant cocktails, made from all-organic, small-batch spirits. Le Frigo Deli will round out the evening with four courses of small plates complementing the cocktails and performance.

Theatrical Direction by Jason Maxwell
Theatrical Curation by Amanda Berg Wilson and Jason Maxwell
Event Direction by Lauren Shepard
Production by McPherson Horle
Music Direction by Ben Berg Wilson
Spirit Artistry by Jason R. Houston and Sadye Rose W. of Still Cellars
Culinary Magic by Le Frigo

Featuring Laura Lounge, Jason Maxwell, Peter Trinh and a special guest performance by Patrick Mueller of Control Group Productions.

Single tickets to this event are available for purchase, OR purchase a subscription package and join The Catamounts for the rest of our 2016-17 season of adventurous food, drink, and performance.

Please note:  FEED is curated as a comprehensive experience.  For this reason, we may not be able to accommodate certain dietary restrictions.  If you have questions about the suitability of the menu to your needs, please contact us at

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