14-15 Individual Donors

Check out these amazing folks, who have made this season’s adventure possible through their generous donations!

CATAMOUNTS ($1000 and up)
Shirley and George Berg
Nancy and Quentin Wilson

MOUNTAIN LIONS ($500-$999)
Kathleen and Michael Alt
Carla Fredericks and Rich Bienstock
Carol and Garry Horle

PANTHERS ($250-$499)
Jon and Linda Banashek
Amanda and Ben Berg Wilson
Gary Berg
Henry and Janet Claman
Karen and Stephen Doyle
Felice and Robert Fenwick-Smith
Devin Licata
Kathy and Jim Raybin

COUGARS ($100-$249)
The Baumgardner Family
Jane Oniki Boas
Karin Boerger and Brendan Klein
Karen and Stephen Brevig
Joan Bruemmer-Holden and Trent Holden
Shelly Catterson
Corrie and Tom Christol
Barbara Duff and Andrew Flack
Felicia Furman
Eliza Hersh and Jeremy Goldman
Michael Hibner and Fran Brown
Erin and Matt Hirschland
Tom and Ruth Klein
Andrew Maloney, Jade Mountain Health
Pesha Rudnick
Anne Sandoe
Paige and Marlo Sarmiento
Kathryn Schmoll
Stephanie Waddell and Greg O’Neal
Workshop 8

PUMAS ($1-$99)
Jun Akiyama
Sondra Blanchard
Elisabeth Bowman
Lisa Boyd
Paul Bruemmer and Chris Leonesio
Catharine Cassis
Michael Cummings
Philip Dawkins
Maya DeHart and Adam Wienert
Jolie Evans
Simon Fill
Matt Fraser
Ethelyn Friend
Meridith and Gary Grundei
Kathleen Ham
Emily K. Harrison
McPherson Horle
Sonia and Ian Justl Ellis
Laura Kruegel
Susan Lyles and Darren Smith
Len Matheo and Lisa DeCaro
Jason Maxwell
Theresa and Wayne Maxwell
Anne-Alex and Kevin Packard
Tom Parkin
Matthew Richmond
Lauren Roberts
Amy Shelley
Candace Shepard
Diana and Andy Shepard
Amy Sullivan
Miriam Tobin
Mare Trevathan
Allison Van Etten
Lauren Shepard Wilkinson and Zachary Wilkinson
Diane and Eric Wilkinson
Roger Wolsey
Jane and Mel Yow
Words for Health

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