The Cats

We are THE CATAMOUNTS.  We roam the hills in and around Boulder, Colorado.

We are:

Amanda Berg Wilson, Artistic Director
Lauren Shepard, Associate Artistic Director
Ben Berg Wilson, Music Director

Joan Bruemmer, Company
Meridith C. Grundei, Company
Sara McPherson “Mac” Horle, Company
Sonia Justl, Company (Emeritus)
Jason Maxwell, Company

Ben Berg Wilson, President, Board of Directors
Kathleen Alt, Vice President, Board of Directors
Devin Licata, Treasurer, Board of Directors
Erin Hirschland, Secretary, Board of Directors
Elisabeth Bowman, Board of Directors
Lauren Roberts, Board of Directors


We acknowledge that we are living in a time that demands the constant reinvention of artistic forms.

We make new and innovative professional performance for the public by finding critically acclaimed, audacious scripts and imbuing them with our signature integration of music, movement, food, and drink.

We teach students methods by which to create original, collaborative, interdisciplinary performance by utilizing multiple artistic disciplines in the process of storytelling.

We push the boundaries of traditional theater to incorporate the musical trends, storytelling techniques, community rituals, and expressive media used in popular and contemporary culture.

We were founded late in the fall of 2010 by Amanda Berg Wilson and Ben Berg Wilson, inspired by their decade-long collaboration through Striding Lion, a Chicago-based performance group with whom The Catamounts are a sister-organization.

We seek audiences and communities who desire their performance-going and arts-education experiences to be adventurous and unique.

Might that be you?  Let us feed your head.