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The Catamounts are the recipients of a 2014 True West Award, for Amanda Berg Wilson and Jeremy Make’s performances in There Is A Happiness That Morning Is.

The Catamounts were nominated for a 2013 True West Award:

  • Best Director
    Amanda Berg Wilson, Failure: A Love Story

The Catamounts were nominated for THREE 2012 True West Awards:

  • Best Comedy
    Messenger #1
  • Best Actor in a Comic Role
    Jason Maxwell, Messenger #2, Messenger #1
  • Best Actress in a Comic Role
    Meridith C. Grundei, Messenger #3, Messenger #1

The Catamounts are the WINNERS of SIX 2011 Daily Camera Eye Awards, including:

  • Best Performance by an Actress in a Supporting Comedic Role
    Sonia Justl, Lenora, God’s Ear
  • Best Performance by an Actor in a Leading Dramatic Role
    Jeremy Make, Ted, God’s Ear
  • Best Performance by an Actress in a Leading Dramatic Role  
    Meridith C. Grundei, Mel, God’s Ear
  • Best Costume Design
    Reagan Fair, Mr. Spacky…the Man Who Was Continuously Followed by Wolves
  • Best Scenic Design
    M. Curtis Grittner, God’s Ear
  • Best Direction of a Play                                                                            
    Amanda Berg Wilson, God’s Ear

Praise for The Catamounts work:

Mr. Burns, a post-electric play by Anne Washburn
at the Dairy Center for the Arts, October 3-18, 2014
Directed by Amanda Berg Wilson

“[A] smart examination of how society might react to the apocalypse in regards to art and the need to create and remember pop culture…how people grasp to nostalgia as a comfort, especially when it’s no longer as readily available….Mr. Burns is one of those shows that reignites something in you. It makes you want to create, and you take a deeper look at society’s attraction to performing arts. Even in a post-apocalyptic culture, people will always find a way to do their craft.”  Click HERE for the full review.

There Is A Happiness That Morning Is by Mickle Maher
at the Dairy Center for the Arts March 7-29, 2014
Directed by Meridith C. Grundei

“That such an ingenious piece of theater not only champions poetry but also plucks at the audience’s heartstrings and puts wide smiles on its faces qualifies this work as at least a minor miracle…With There Is A Happiness That Morning Is the Catamounts have a rafter-shaking hit on their hands. Far more than a literary science project, this play unites poetry and theatre in a way I have never experienced before. It will inspire you.”  Gary Zeidner, Boulder Weekly.  Click HERE for full review.

Messenger #1, a new ancient Greek tragedy by Mark Jackson
at the Nomad Theater and work/space, October 4-20, 2012
Directed by Amanda Berg Wilson

“[E]ngaging, funny, thought-provoking and sometimes touching…The production incorporates music and dance and creates potent visual images; the overall effect is clean and elegant. Despite the stylized approach of Messenger #1, the actors, all of whom are excellent, create some poignant moments…The Catamounts…emphasiz[e] small, smart, interesting new pieces, the kind that mainstream audiences haven’t heard of, and pu[t] them in gutsy venues off the beaten track. The success of this production sends a strong message.”  Juliet Wittman, Westword. Click HERE for full review.

“The Catamounts ope[n] [their] season with a ton of energy and a facile command of language in [their] production of Messenger #1.  The cast move[s] very easily between the contemporary and heightened language…I enjoyed this production because it offered much to ponder and many layers of resonance.” Liza Williams, Daily Camera.  Click HERE for full review.

The Three Faces of Doctor Crippen by Emily Schwartz
at the Dairy Center and Buntport Theater, January 26-February 18, 2012
Directed by Amanda Berg Wilson

“Schwartz’s writing is very smart, playing with the more shadowy regions of identity…The cast and casting are both excellent…The Catamounts troupe began in Chicago and only recently moved to Denver/Boulder. They have been garnering rave reviews…It’s very exciting to have such a talented and committed group of performers working in Colorado, and their production of The Three Faces of Dr. Crippen is nothing short of stellar.” Jesse Livingston, Buzzine.  Click HERE for full review

“Music Hall meets Grand Guignol meets experimental theater meets the musical Chicago…The whole production is original and very entertaining…The Catamounts is a relatively new company…judging by this lively, cheeky piece, they’re a very welcome addition to the scene.”  Juliet Wittman, Westword.  Click HERE for the full review

God’s Ear by Jenny Schwartz
Produced at the Dairy Center for the Arts, September 29-October 15, 2011
Directed by Amanda Berg Wilson

“The entire ensemble is terrific…God’s Ear is only the fledgling Catamounts’ second production. But it shows artistic maturity. This is a satisfying performance of a difficult-to-pull-off-play that’s bolstered by both youthful energy and grown-up insight.”  Mark Collins, Daily Camera.  Click HERE for the full review

“As an audience member committed to the unique value of live theatre, I revel in the beauty and heart-wringing agony of an incredible cast offering a highly skilled, intensely personal, hugely successful performance.”  Patrick Mueller, Control Group Productions.  Click HERE for the full review.